Virtualizor Server Management 

Fully Managed , Monitored , Certified Server Management Services

  • Intitial Server Set up & Configurations
  • Server Migration Services
  • Firewall Installation & Configurations
  • Experienced Virtualization Admins On Call
  • Unlimited Ticket Support
  • Server Optimization Services
virtualizor server management

Virtualizor Server Management 

An alternative of Solusvm , Virtualizor is considered as an effective control panel to manage the virtual private servers with a solid and easy graphical user interface. The best part of the Virtualizor to list is instant deployment , and it supports all the leading virtualization technologies such as OpenVz , XEN HVM , KVM. Further more , with Virtualizor you can set up Windows virtual machines with Windows OS templates easily. With an easy graphical user interface system admins can get the VPS created quickly where as the end users can control and manager their individual VPS with Start , Stop , Reboot functions. Virtualizor makes the resource management easy with its unique features.

24x7cloudservermanagement is  an expert of Virtualizor Server Management and have successfully deployed Virtualizor for many start ups VPS providers.


Our Virtualizor Server Management Services

Affordable Pricing with Experienced Virtualization Admins on Call 24x7

$55 / Month / Server 

Virtualization Supported

  • OpenVz
  • KVM
  • XEN

Impressive Perks For Start Ups

  • Billing System Integration ( WHMCS )
  • Server Audits
  • Virtualizor Control Panel

Unlimited Tickets Support

  • Tickets Support 24x7
  • Unlimited Administration Tasks
  • Admin Consultation

Server Log Monitoring

  • Monitoring the server event logs
  • Fixing server services problems
  • Data Center Communication ( Chat / Email )

Core Virtualizor Server Management

  • VPS Templates Management
  • Securing Virtualizor Web Access
  • VPS Node Service Monitoring
  • Securing Virtualizor
  • Integrating Slaves with Master
  • Server Optimization and Tunning
  • Complete Hardware Node Management
  • Preparing nodes for Virtualization
  • Service Tweaking and Optimizations
  • LVM Set up & Configurations
  • Monitoring nodes for resource usages
  • Virtualizor updates & patches

VPS Management Support

  • VPS Backup
  • VPS Restoration
  • VPS Security
  • Fixing Migrated VPS
  • VPS resource upgrades
  • OS installation issues
  • VPS Ownership Issues
  • VPS resource settings
  • Changing VMID/CTID Issues
  • Fixing Missing VPS issues
  • Automated VPS Creation Issues
  • VPS Reboot/Reinstall/Start/Stop issues

Server Migration

  • Backup Restorations
  • Master & Slave Complete Migration 
  • Additional Charges Applied (Multiple master/slaves )

Response & Resolution Time

  • Within 24 Hours Resolution Time
  • 24x7 Informative Technical Support 
  • Within 30 Minutes Response Support Tickets

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