Solusvm Server Management solusvm server management

Fully Managed , Monitored , Certified Server Management Services

  • Intitial Server Set up & Configurations
  • Server Migration Services
  • Firewall Installation & Configurations
  • Experienced Virtualization Admins On Call
  • Unlimited Ticket Support
  • Server Optimization Services

Solusvm Server Management Services

Our Solusvm Server Management plan provides 24×7 Technical Support , Unlimited Admin tasks for VPS Provider , VPS hosting comapanies. Solusvm , a Graphical User Interface based virtual private server management tool makes the VPS administration tasks easy. Solusvm can manage all your VPS with OpenVZ , XEN and KVM virtualization platforms. 24x7 CSM Team offers carefully developed installation services for new VPS hosting infrastructure as well as combined upgrade and audit service for your existing VPS nodes with solusvm. Solusvm can handle critical data , makes the VPS upgrades easy in terms of resources such as RAM , HDD and interates easily with WHMCS as well as other billing systems.24×7 CSM is an expert Solusvm server management provider. 

Our Solusvm Server Management Services

Affordable Pricing with Experienced Virtualization Admins on Call 24x7

$55 / Month / Server 

Virtualization Supported

  • OpenVz
  • KVM
  • XEN

Impressive Perks For Start Ups

  • Billing System Integration
  • 2 Customized Operating System Templates
  • 1 Slave Installation & Addition to Master

Unlimited Tickets Support

  • Tickets Support 24x7
  • Unlimited Administration Tasks
  • Admin Consultation
  • Solusvm Professional Support

Server Log Monitoring

  • Log Analysis
  • Restarting Services & Fixing Failed Services
  • Monitoring Node resources usages
  • Data Center Communication ( Chat / Email )

Core Solusvm Server Management

  • VPS Templates Management
  • Securing Solusvm Web Access
  • VPS Node Service Monitoring
  • Securing Solusvm Master
  • Integrating Slaves with Master
  • Server Optimization and Tunning
  • 1 Master with 2 Slave Management
  • Complete Hardware Node Management
  • Preparing nodes for Virtualization
  • Service Tweaking and Optimizations
  • Monitoring nodes for resource usages
  • SolusVM Template Installations & Configurations

VPS Management Support

  • VPS Backup
  • VPS Restoration
  • VPS Security
  • Fixing Migrated VPS
  • VPS resource upgrades
  • OS installation issues
  • VPS Ownership Issues
  • VPS resource settings
  • Changing VMID/CTID Issues
  • Fixing Missing VPS issues
  • Automated VPS Creation Issues
  • VPS Reboot/Reinstall/Start/Stop issues

Server Migration

  • Backup Restorations
  • 1 Master & Slave Complete Migration 
  • Additional Charges Applied (Multiple master/slaves )

Response & Resolution Time

  • Within 24 Hours Resolution Time
  • 24x7 Informative Technical Support 
  • Within 30 Minutes Response Support Tickets

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