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24x7 live chat support
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24x7 Live Chat Support Services

Let 24×7 CSM team represent your front desk , making sure not a single live chat is missed cause we believe every website visitor is a probable customer. Any online business requires 24×7 presence to communicate with the website visitors and response their Technical as well as pre-sales queries. Customers expects quick solution of their queries and the live chat support is one of the recommended way to make it happen. 24×7 CSM is one of the leading 24×7 live chat service providers to the shared hosting companies , IT Companies as well as Data centers , VPS providers & Start Ups. We manage Pre-sales chats as well as Technical Live chat support resolving upto level 2 issues on the live chat itself.

24×7 CSM team have been assisting world’s one of the Top 10 Data centers & A couple of the leading Web Hosting Companies .

Our 24x7 Live Chat Services

Affordable Pricing with fully customized plan

24x7 Technical Live Chat Support

  • Level 1 Issues Resolution
  • Level 2 Issues Resolution

Cpanel Server Initial Set up

  • Hostname & DNS Set up
  • WHM / Cpanel Set up Configurations
  • Services Set up Configurations

Unlimited Tickets Support

  • Tickets Support 24x7
  • Unlimited Administration Tasks
  • Admin Consultation

Services Monitoring

  • Apache / HTTP Service Monitoring
  • Critical / Important Email Alerts
  • Data Center Communication ( Chat / Email )

LiteSpeed Web Server Support

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Integrations
  • Performance Tuning

Cpanel Certified Admins Support

  • Certified Cpanel Admins & Experts
  • 24x7 Technical Resources Availability
  • Critical Backup Solutions
  • Free Server Audit

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